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Managing Your Team In NBA Live Mobile Game Is Important

The Android and iOS version of NBA Live Mobile game is all about team management and building a deck at the same time. It may be done better if you know the basics of it and get a better chance to choose from a huge list of more than five hundred NBA players for the real game. You get to see the marquee superstars and other fringe players as well as rookies. Build the best team from them if you do not want to accept the teams that are offered to you by the game itself. You do not have to be a basketball pro for this as you would be helped by the in-game tutorial to build a team of champions in no time.

Go For Numbers

You must always look at the numbers and rankings of the players while you want to build your favorite team in NBA Live Mobile game.

  • You must look for high numbers and player rankings which are displayed at the top right corner of the card.
  • These numbers denote the strength of the player overall, and you can differentiate star players from the scrubs.
  • These numbers exclude training and equipment and are just raw scores of the players which give you an idea about the player’s performance.

Take Other Help

nba live mobile

There are also several other ways to build a good and strong team and it is better to take help of all such useful features.

  • If you are a beginner and do not know much of a player, then you can take help of several internet websites to have a better idea about a payer’s stats.
  • When you reach level 8, you can equip the passive skills of your players along with all those skills you have unlocked.
  • Make good use all the training slots available to you throughout the NBA Live Mobile game to improve the primary skills of your players.

Coaching And Equipment

Provide your players with the best coaching and proper equipment so that they can perform well and win games for you.

  • Each of your players would have a total of six slots for equipment and provide the best gears to them here.
  • Check the green slot for equipment on the player screen to get new gear for your player at that slot.
  • Test with different coaching and strategies to find out which one is best suited for your player.

Price To Pay

To get anything in life, you have to pay a certain price for it, and it is the same for this mobile game of basketball as well. You will have to use a considerable amount of in-game currency and coins along with real cash to build your formidable team. There are ways in which you can save your real money but still get enough cash and coins to build your team. You can play several in-game challenges and live events to get these coins and also use the nba live mobile cheats for the purpose. All these cash accumulated must be spent wisely to have enough cash in hand to buy the best player who can turn tables.

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